The Intro

By Paul Santiago

Welcome to the wedding video boss podcast where we will focus on the business side of wedding videography as well as, how I established my company looking like this.

A tall, handsome and brown gentleman.

This is why the word BOSS has a loose translation which means the business of smashing stereotypes because let’s face it, I’m no Leo Di Caprio, I’m more of like a Chow Yun Fat, Ken Watanabe kind of chameleon 😉

Which, by the way, they should have a best named businesses awards because I’m just killing it with these!

I am your host, Paul Santiago, owner of Boffo Video, a wedding videography company in Southern California. We just hit our 8th year in the business and we average about 75 weddings a year. We have grown our team to 12 shooters and editors and we’ve been featured in numerous major and minor blogs and one TV shoutout! I have been honored to speak on stage for Canon at WPPI demoing new cinema lenses and Wedding MBA in Las Vegas talking about “Getting featured”.

Having done more than 500 weddings, we’ve pretty much seen every possible thing that can happen. I’m so proud to say that our portfolio is filled with different ethnicities, ceremonies, cultures, and different types of drunk people.

Since you’re already listening to this podcast, I know that you are passionate about your craft. So now, let’s talk about making money!

This podcast is by no means a propaganda against people who aren’t brown, it’s just geared to celebrate the successes of others who are almost always overlooked. I mean, let’s face it, working with wedding vendors who look like the models of the styled shoots doesn’t really speak “relatable” to me LOL

Some people have an advantage and some don’t, not just because of the way they look but also the way they talk. Cliques, awards, referrals and so on, some miss those just because of that. Social media didn’t make it easier for me because all I did was drink and eat…

I want to celebrate those who overcame this because I always felt like I needed to work twice, heck, thrice as hard, and that was my motivation. After years of studying the culture and the market, I know what it takes to sustain a business in an industry that, I felt, wasn’t built for me.

Again, I will discuss the typical stuff: how you can startup your wedding video business, how to get the right equipment, how to find your style and market them to the right audience AND try to give you as much information as humanly possible to get you where you need to go.

I hope you take this journey with me and HIT subscribe. Leave a review if it’s nice, or leave me alone if you have bad things to say. Watch out for the next episodes of the Wedding Video Boss till then, be nice especially if you’re good looking. Bossman out.

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