Let’s talk lenses!

By Paul Santiago

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The Wedding Bossness Podcast hosted by Paul Santiago

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Branding was a big part of our ‘significance in the wedding industry’ and that includes website and SEO improvements. Shoutout to Cloud and Web Services for revamping our Boffo Video website and helping us reach so much more people! Podcast, I am your host, Paul Santiago. It’s episode 6 and we’re talking about the the most commonly used lenses, the best versions (like brands that sell it) and I will reveal the lenses that I love to use! Before the music comes in, here’s a quote to put things into perspective…

“I see everything through a spiritual lens.” – Katy Perry

Wait that’s not right… oh here it is…

“Different eyes see different things” – From the song, Different strings by Rush

Your lenses are the eyes of the audience, and different kinds of lenses will show the viewer different things. There are different types of lenses: ultra wide angle (8mm-24mm), wide angle (24mm-35mm), standard (35-50mm), telephoto lenses (85mm to 300mm+++). A prime lens has a fixed focal length, and a zoom lens can go in and out to provide a wider range of focal lengths.

Prime lenses have better optics than zooms, they usually can have a wider aperture, which gives them better low-light performance. Although prime lenses can be cheaper, because it less moving parts. Zoom lenses offer more flexibility when you shoot.
They say when you’re a beginner, it’s better if you start with zoom lenses and as your skill level progresses you can move to prime lenses. These lenses will offer different looks because of the way its made and the way the glass is positioned. So when you film someone with a 50mm and you film the same subject with a 70-200mm, let’s just say you’ll get either a great review or an email that says, “hey Paul, I was wondering if you have any shots other than the one’s where 90% of my wide face is in it?”

You can actually youtube focal length videos on how one subject looks through different lenses. Let me try to find one and post it on the show notes:


Here are the most commonly used lenses and their corresponding situations:

  • 35mm f/1.4 – Prep, Establishing shot of pre ceremony, ceremony and reception, detail shots
  • 50mm f/1.8 – (Nifty-Fifty) Romantics, Dancing
  • 85mm f/1.4 – Prep, Detail shots, Dancing
  • 70-200mm f/2.8 – Back camera
  • 100mm f/2.8 – Macro shots

After researching, I just realized that the way I film weddings is totally different from the norm. I’m not bragging or anything but I kinda feel relieved because now I know that I can actually share something useful hahaha
“You have to kind of be invisible… so you use a longer lens.” David Bailey
Okay so I film using zoom lenses more than primes. The main reason is that I don’t want to be in the way of a moment when it happens and reason number two is with a zoom lens, I can easily adjust my lens in a split second to grab a particular moment. Well, there’s also reason number three, which was originally number one, which is so that I can adjust if the photographer gets in the way. Now I communicate better with photographers BUT there are still a lot of photographers out there who have no idea what lens to use for a particular situation or have no clue that there’s a videographer filming with them and I’m pretty sure they’re saying the same thing about us videographers. So just be ready for each other and anticipate what lens they’re using. Now that I shared why we use zoom lenses, here’s what we use!

Sorry! You need to listen to it to see how I use the lenses 🙂

I have an amazon affiliate list of lenses listed down below!
On a budget:

These are my lenses:

These are the newest ones:

There you go! I’ve listed down all the lenses that can help you tell your story better but also save you time and money. Things to note are, make sure that you know if the lens your buying is manual or automatic focus, also, make sure that it’s the one for your cameras sensor, meaning if it’s cropped or full frame. I would advise to rent equipment first before you buy so that you’ll know if it’s right fit for you.

Remember, the quality of your wedding film will depend on the lens that you use, but the way you tell the story is what counts.
I hope this episode was helpful, also if you have any questions or suggestions, just feel free to reach out! I’m throwing all these information goldness for free so I’d really appreciate if you help me by subscribing, rating or leaving a review, Thanks so much to those who already did it, thanks for listening it means the world to me, watch out for Monday masterclass and I’ll see you on the next Wedding Video Boss podcast. Till then, play nice if you can’t win, be nice if you’re good looking. Bossman out.


The Wedding Video Boss Podcast hosted by: Paul Santiago

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