Engaging the wedding party

By Paul Santiago

Welcome to the Wedding Video Boss Podcast! Where we talk about the business of being a wedding creative and also a peek into my world as a wedding videographer. I am your host, Paul Santiago.

Today we are going to talk about a key skill in covering a wedding: ENGAGING THE WEDDING PARTY.

As professionals who capture life through movement and sound, it’s our job to preserve those moments that make up the couple’s wedding day. Your gear may be top-of-the-line, but if you’re completely disconnected and reluctant to connect with the people at the wedding, your video is gonna fall flat.

Author and life coach, Rasheed Ogunlaru advises to, “Be genuinely interested in everyone you meet and everyone you meet will be genuinely interested in you.”

Because you’re meeting and interacting with people, at an event that’s important to them, you need to have that openness and genuine warmth to put them at ease.

Shannon L. Adler, inspirational author, says “You don’t have to say every thing to be a light. Sometimes a fire built on a hill will bring interested people to your campfire.”

And so in this episode, we are going to talk about why it’s important to pose the bridal party, what the usual bridal party poses are for video, and how WE do it for ours. All these coming up in a segment that I should’ve called… Yeah, just um just do what you were doing…

We’ll talk about

  1. 3 reasons why you need to learn how to engage the bridal party
  2. Typical poses
  3. How WE pose bridal party for video

Tip: If you’re directing the bridal party, please be conscious of your choice of words so none of them will feel insulted or left out.

So that’s how we do it! We want to make sure everything’s candid and we’re engaging the bridal party. We capture emotions and those fleeting, but equally sweet moments, and condense it into a masterpiece that is the couple’s wedding video.

LEARNING TO POSE GROUPS, WILL DEFINITELY HELP YOUR VIDEOS COME TO LIFE! YOU, my friend, must learn to establish rapport and harmony among them, and between them and yourself. You’re filming a wedding after all, not a funeral.

More importantly, there’s a reason why these couples chose their bridesmaids, groomsmen, and the bridal party. YOUR JOB IS TO SHOW THEIR CHEMISTRY. Your job is to show why this group is unique from other groups.

Asking them to do these poses, I know is very “cookie-cutter” to do. But every single group has a different reaction and that’s what makes them unique and your goal is to show their chemistry on-site and capture those moments on video….and show that they are a very unique bunch of people.

You’ll notice that as you film, the bridal party is gradually going to become comfortable with you. At the start, they will act formal and stiff towards you, but as the day progresses, they will become comfortable with having you around and they’re gonna smile and wave every time they see you.

So that’s your goal: DEVELOP A CHEMISTRY WITH THE BRIDAL PARTY AND WITH EVERYONE IN THE WEDDING. At the same time, YOU HAVE TO SHOW THEIR CHEMISTRY WITH EACH OTHER, because there’s just gonna be no point in being part of the bridal party if there’s no chemistry.

There are situations like that, though! We’ve encountered bridal parties who were total strangers to each other, but were related to the couple–one is a cousin of the bride, another is a close friend from college and both of them are part of the bridal party.

When you help strangers release some of that awkwardness and tension, they end up having a fun time together! When the newly-married couple sees them having fun, they can focus on relaxing at the reception. If you were able to bring out the chemistry between these people, you’ve succeeded, my friend! You pretty much broke the ice! Kudos to you and I give you a huge clap on the back!

It would be awesome to hear your thoughts about today’s episode so please feel free to reach out! Don’t forget to subscribe, leave a review, and I’ll see you on the next Wedding Video Boss Podcast!

‘Til then, play nice if you can’t win, be nice especially if you’re good-looking. Boss man out!

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