Keeping your business legitimate with Scott Riley

By Paul Santiago

Welcome to the Wedding Video Boss Podcast, where we talk about the business of being a wedding creative and also a peek into my world as a wedding videographer! I am your host, Paul Santiago.

Today, we are talking to Scott Riley and he’s answering all our questions about the kinds of corporations, employment, payroll, insurance and everything that you would need to make your business legitimate. Stick around because he’s hooking us up with something awesome! He’s ready so let’s start the show!

Scott Riley is a firm partner at A & A Employer Services. He has worked for the family business for over 15 years, where he started at file clerk and moved his way up to running the day to day operations a few years ago. Scott graduated from Whitter College in 2009 with a degree in Mathematics. From there he continued his education at Redlands University to complete his MBA in 2014. The value of the MBA has really helped the business grow in a few different ways. Adding value to his clients with learning from professor’s and students alike working with business professionals.

Scott married his beautiful wife Jacqueline in 2015. They currently live in Brea, CA. and have 3 dogs. Wrigley, Gracie and Rizzo. Jacqueline and Scott love to travel, and they try to book one trip a year to Hawaii. Hawaii is one of their favorite places to relax, unwind, and refresh.
Friends, let’s welcome, Scott Riley…

What are the things that people who are starting out need to do? (06:40)

What are the kinds of incorporation? (08:40)

What kind of incorporation should I do with my business? (10:32)

Is sole proprietorship a good option for people in the wedding industry? (11:50)

For people who have already been in the business for a while, what are the things that we should double check to make sure we’re still running our business legally? (14:11)

What are corporate minutes? (16:20)

What kind of insurance do wedding businesses need? (17:36)

Difference between Employee and Contractor (20:43)

Repercussions if you violate labor laws (28:49)

Taking care of the laws that protect employees (30:28)

When would you need to approach an employee services agent? (33:06)

Listener questions! (38:14)

Recap (40:32)

Stella joins the party and she asked great questions! (54:06)

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If you want people to look at you as a professional, you need to run a legitimate business. That involves following all the rules and since so many things have changed when it comes to the requirements, make sure that you talk to someone who is knowledgeable about it. It makes me sad to hear some people saying, “ugh i don’t really want to get a business permit, it’s such a hassle” or “it’s just a hobby” Dude, then don’t freaking charge people money! Do us a favor, us meaning the people who are actually trying to make a living out of this, do us a favor and talk to someone. See if it’s really something for you.

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