How to use a marketing plan to squash overwhelm with Heidi Thompson

By Paul Santiago

Welcome to the Wedding Video Boss Podcast! Where we talk about the business of being a wedding creative and also a peek into my world as a wedding videographer. I am your host, Paul Santiago and today is Monday which means it’s time for another Masterclass! Which means you need to bring out your notepad, pen, tablet, your quill or whatever you use to takes notes because you’re not going to want to miss this one. Your instructor for today is Heidi Thompson and she’s here to talk about how to squash overwhelm with a marketing plan

Why you need a marketing plan and how it’ll make your life easier.
What your marketing plan should contain.
How to use your marketing plan to avoid shiny object syndrome.
How you can create your own effective marketing plan.

I think she’s almost ready so let me give you a head start to grab that coffee or any warm alcoholic beverage and let’s start the class!

Heidi Thompson is the best-selling author of Clone Your Best Clients and the founder of Evolve Your Wedding Business where she specializes in business and marketing strategy for wedding professionals. She helps wedding professionals grow their businesses and reach their goals without going crazy in the process. Her business & marketing expertise has been featured on several wedding and business outlets including The Huffington Post, Social Media Examiner, Wedding Business Magazine, Sprouting Photographer, Photo Biz Xposed, Honeybook, WeddingWire World & she’s an advisory board member for the UK Academy Of Wedding & Event Planning.

You can also join her and thousands of other wedding professionals just like you in The Evolve Your Wedding Business Facebook Community.

Having a clear view of your who’s what’s and why’s will help you create a marketing plan that suits your business. You need to understand that not everyone is your client so make sure you zero in on who your tribe is and make sure that you serve them better.

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