Client relationship management with Katherine Nowak

By Paul Santiago

Apologies in advance, some parts of this interview were a little choppy because of reception issues, I listened to it and the interview still made sense. I will be contacting Katherine to maybe redub the episode upon your request so feel free to send me a message of how it went! Thanks for your support!

Welcome to the Wedding Video Boss Podcast, where we talk about the business of being a wedding creative and also a peek into my world as a wedding videographer! I am your host, Paul Santiago.

Today we’re talking about CRM and how useful it is for our business, now I have more time to play videogames! Your instructor for today is Katherine Nowak and she’s here to talk about our one of the top CRM’s out there, Honeybook! I hope you’ve been wondering about this topic because it’s coming right at ya in full speed!

Katherine Nowak is an organization and process driven advocate that loves helping creatives understand the importance of effective business management tools.

She works in business development at HoneyBook. Katherine joined HoneyBook in 2016 after taking a leap leaving a much more corporate job and hasn’t looked back since. She spends her days working on the amazing HoneyBook Educator Program and other business development initiatives to help support HoneyBook members.

When she’s not hard at work helping the freelance economy, you can find her balancing a busy work life schedule, chasing after her 1 1/2 year old daughter, trying to fit in a yoga class and maybe a meal with her husband.

Without further adieu, friends let’s welcome, Katherine Nowak!

In this episode, i asked:

  • Newest features of honeybook

  • Whats How would CRM help small businesses? How about videographers in particular?

  • Sending brochures?

  • Sending payment reminders

  • What makes you different from other crms?

  • Does it have expense tracking?

  • Migration issue?

  • Storing receipts?

  • What’s your favorite feature that most clients don’t know about?

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