What it takes to be a successful business owner with Nathan Nowack

By Paul Santiago

Nathan has loved photography since he took his first photo when he was 6. His mother was dedicated to creating detailed photo albums with memories from the first time he was carried off the plane and into her arms. Looking back at some of those photos still brings a smile to his face. This is why Nathan became a photographer. He loves how photos can be funny, emotional, beautiful, artistic, and all of those things at once. Photography is truly about capturing the moment and documenting true life. Memories are delicate and can fade away with time. But with photos, they can last a lifetime and enhance a memory so that it is always remembered.

Nathan received a Business Administration degree from Colorado State University and always knew he would start his own business someday. You may ask about his last name and wonder where he got a German origin came from. If you’re interested, there is an entire article about his Korean adoption online from when he was 5.5 months old and his time raised in Oklahoma with a very loving family. Only recently has he reconnected with his Korean family and continues to keep in touch with them overseas. You can search in his blog as well for another article he wrote.

As photography became his main career, he started to connect with a style he calls Modern Photojournalistic Wedding Photography. This style is full of colors, creative lighting, and the modern environmental compositions to capture the moment in an artistic way, but with real and emotional without intense or awkward posing. He doesn’t hide bad lighting with filters or create a photo that may someday be seen as an outdated style. He’s lighthearted and fun, full of bad jokes, and tries to make each session as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. He has had many photography ventures outside of his main company including a photojournalistic travel blog, men’s wedding photography planning site called Wedding-bros.com, and a commercial photography and videography company called Coverve. Over the past few years, he has also been teaching at various locations around Southern California. These workshops and seminars include a few colleges and since 2018, the Canon Live Learning Center in Costa Mesa. Nathan enjoys teaching and can see this as the next exciting step in his career of photography business education.

Nathan has an amazing, supportive wife and 2 sons that he loves with all his heart. They have been the inspiration that has kept him advancing and working hard to further his successful businesses. His own photos of his family are some of his most cherished possessions now.

With many new business opportunities on the horizon and a new studio in Orange, California, Nathan is excited about the coming year and hopes he can help everyone find what truly makes them happy. Please contact him for further information about his workshops, classes, or availability for photography sessions both wedding or commercial.

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