Facebook and Instagram ad mistakes with Valerie McCartney

By Paul Santiago

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The Wedding Bossness Podcast hosted by Paul Santiago

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The title of today’s Interview is: “The biggest mistakes people make when using Facebook and Instagram Ads”

My name is Paul Santiago and today I’m talking with The wizard of ads Valerie McCartney about the common myths and misconceptions about facebook and instagram ads that stop most Wedding Bosses dead in their tracks, before they ever even get started. Don’t go anywhere because the interview is coming up in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1,

With a background in corporate marketing and franchise development, Valerie has held senior level positions at PepsiCo, Nestle, Tyson Foods, El Pollo Loco and Johnny Rockets. In 2010, along with her husband, she founded Enticing Tables, a specialty event decor business that designs, builds, rents and sells original decor made in their metal studio and workshop. While their metal craft has been published in myriad event magazines and blogs, Valerie’s frustration with traditional event industry advertising coupled with her analytical approach to marketing and business development drove her to research, study and test paid Facebook and Instagram ads as a way to grow their niche-based business – not posting to the masses, but advertising directly to brides and grooms. After seeing a 307% return on advertising investment (6 weddings booked off of one well-crafted and well-targeted ad), she fell in love with Facebook and Instagram ads and uses them daily to get her products directly into the newsfeeds of engaged-to-be-married guys and girls. With multiple years of hands-on Facebook and Instagram advertising know-how, she now uses her in-depth knowledge to teach other wedding and event pros how to reach their target audience. Her teaching style is practical, not theoretical, full of actual event and wedding industry examples and she makes a complicated subject understandable for even the least tech savvy.

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The Wedding Video Boss Podcast hosted by Paul Santiago

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