Understanding the buyer’s journey with Sam Jacobson

By Paul Santiago

Welcome to the wedding video boss podcast where we talk about the business of being a wedding creative! If it’s your first time here, this is a podcast for people like you. The people who want to figure out how to turn their passion into profit, their hobby into a business. Every week I invite over business gurus, wedding specialists and successful business owners to share their knowledge about particular keys to create and maintain a thriving wedding business. The best part is, you get a front row seat and it’s absolutely free! I’m your sexy host, Paul Santiago and I am so honored that you have joined me today!

I love learning, especially about how to run my business. I feel like the key to us being in business for this long is because of the network we have created, our kick ass crew and the amount of knowledge I have gained from experts from different fields. There is always something to learn from someone and that’s the value I want to bring to you and your business.

Today’s guest is Sam Jacobson and he is an expert on sales without being too salesy and on this episode, have you ever struggled with selling to a client at the right time? Well that’s exactly what we’re going to help you with on this week’s show, where you’ll learn the buyers journey and how to use it to your advantage” Have a pen and paper ready because this is going to be a badass interview so don’t go anywhere! If you’re driving, just try and memorize it. Sam and I will be back in a millie!

Sam is an old-school influencer. Not the kind with 100k+ followers on social media. No, he has real pull with couples who’ve booked millions in wedding services from him.
These days he share sales experiences and growth strategies with event pros who are self-taught or want to level-up.
You’ll find him on speaking at The Knot World Wide, Hustle + Flow, Engage! Luxury Wedding Summit, WIPA, NACE, Evolve and other private workshops. He doesn’t just tell you to charge more. He actually shows you how to persuade people to pay higher rates.
The approaches and tactics he shares apply to all stages of success, from just starting out to the luxury market. Clients who apply my method get fees from $1k to $30k+ for services they provide.

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