Managing current and future clients worries during COVID with Nora Sheils

By Paul Santiago

  1. Why this is essential- not just the obvious for those rescheduling, but for those even marrying in 2021

  2. What’s the mindset of these couples? How should you expect them to be?
    May want to breakdown how you have to almost divide up the weddings
    those emergent (needing to move ASAP)
    those in the grey area (late summer??)
    those late this year and early 2021
    3.Connect with everyone regardless of date.
    Reach out to them before they contact you
    Prioritize those in the near future (before July) date triage
    Best manner to reach out to them? Depends on how far out
    Keep checking in with couples so they feel like a priority

  3. Do something nice for them on intended date (Care package of sorts?- also maybe ways to encourage other guests to help celebrate the couple

  4. Work on contingency plans I’m sure you’ll be given plenty of time to cover what this entails
    If rescheduling is necessary be the point of contact for all vendors.
    Get new contracts and if the client is willing have them pay an additional deposit to help with vendor cash flow
    Review contracts (but make it clear you aren’t a lawyer!)
    Manage guest communications
    INSURANCE–not an agent!

  5. ideas to make a wedding special if it needs to be scaled down
    Plan a virtual toast!
    Set up a Dropbox folder
    Set up a live stream for your nearest and dearest
    Send your guests a little token for the day of your wedding.
    Schedule a fun party or celebration of sorts.
    Get your hair and makeup done, put on that fab dress and go to an amazing setting.


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