The Most Common Obstacles To Selling

By Paul Santiago

One of the largest obstacles to selling is that the person selling is not matching the expectations. I have noticed many attributes that contribute to a successful salesperson. I will outline good attributes to have and common areas that will cause you to lose the deal.

Powerful closers do all of the following:

  • Accepts 100% responsibility for their results. They realize the importance of ownership.
  • High levels of empathy and they really care about their customer
  • Intensely goal-oriented. Frequently sets goals and works to achieve them.
  • Above-average will power and determination to succeed
  • Believe in themselves and in the company’s values
  • Always honest with themselves and with other people.
  • Visualization – create a clear mental picture of the person you want to be and the goals you want to accomplish see yourself as confident and a good closer relaxed and see your couples and how they will react and yourself enjoying all the rewards.
  • Beware of these common areas that will cause you to lose the deal.

1. Negative expectation or prejudging
• Takes all enthusiasm out of the salesperson
• Expectations

2. Lack of Sincerity
• More concerned with making money
• Doesn’t concentrate on helping the customer

3. Different Wave Length
• Analytical Vs emotional
• Different taste

4. You can never sell to someone you don’t like and vice versa
• People skills
• Learn to serve

5. Tell a prospect is wrong or arguing with them
• Never argue with a client – “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still”

6. Discussing personal subjects
• Politics
• Religion

7. Knocking the Competition
• Unprofessional
• Lose credibility

8. Making promises you can’t keep
• Under-promise, over-deliver!
• Never say something your service or employees can’t do

9. Not building the dream
• What are the benefits of your product
• What problem are you solving?

10. Don’t give up
• Close 5 times
• Persistence

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